While the 2018 Emmy Awards provided Game Of Thrones fans with plenty of joy, another fanbase walked away feeling sorely disappointed. Mac Miller's loyal followers, who continue to mourn the late talent, were shocked to witness The Emmys' "In Memoriam" segment, which made no mention of the rapper's passing. The segment, which featured Aretha Franklin, John McCain, Burt Reynolds, Hugh Hefner and more, neglected to include Miller, who died earlier this month from an alleged overdose.

Many were left wondering why the Emmys could omit such a beloved figure, noting that Mac Miller was indeed no stranger to television. True, Mac Miller And The Most Dope Family was unlikely to take home any awards, but the rapper's reach extended well beyond the recording booth. Although one does not need the Emmys to validate Mac Miller, it would have been nice to see one of the biggest awards ceremonies pay homage to a young icon. It goes without saying, but Rest In Peace.

Check out some of the reactions on Twitter, which once again reaffirm the loyalty of Mac's fanbase.