Earlier this year in the month of April, news of a staggering 14 murders occurring in a mere 34 hours in the Mexican city of Cancun sent shockwaves across the world. Only recently, reports of gruesome crimes have surfaced yet again.

In the city so often associated with the image of merry, vibrant and young tourists from various backgrounds, prosecutors are said to have found the dismembered body parts of two men stashed in plastic bags, two abandoned bodies in a taxi cab, and several other bodies to which pain and ultimately death is thought to have been inflicted in equally gruesome nature. One man is said to have been murdered in his hammock, another bound, and the other shot to death.

Details of the happenings surrounding the eighth and final murder have yet to surface, but if they are anything like the ones before them, it is safe to say that what is occurring the city of Cancun is nothing short of the ghastly tales that shape nightmares, novels and horror films.

US officials have encouraged travelers to employ a significantly increased level of alertness during their journeys with certain parts of the Latin American nation outside of Cancun such as Tamaulipas, Colima, Sinoal, Guerrero and Michoac√°n being mentioned as danger zones.

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