Machine Gun Kelly got physical with an actor following the release of his Eminem diss track. Gabriel "G-Rod" Rodriguez felt that "Rap Devil" exposed MGK as a coward because of its reference to Eminem's daughter. When he approached the rapper to express this idea while calling him a "pussy," MGK decided to retaliate with violence by sending his goons after him.

The audio recording of the 911 phone call that was made after the fight has surfaced. It opens to the sound of commotion. Listeners can hear multiple men's screaming voices while the operator tries to collect information about the incident. The ruckus dies down as the phone call progresses.

The person who dialed 911 offered the appropriate details when prompted.

"There's a fight in the front lobby. No weapons I saw."

"It's a group. They just jumped a man in the front lobby. Can you also bring an ambulance as well?"

According to the person who made the call, the group had left by the time the operator asked about the assailants. The victim who needed the ambulance is said to be 40-years-old, which lines up with Rodriguez' age. A voice that appears to be his own can be heard in the background: "I gotta work tomorrow."