Cleveland sports fans needed a new star to invest in after LeBron James left again in the summer. The Cleveland Browns have struggled for a minute but the NFL franchise sees a ray of hope after their latest acquisition, getting hold of star wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. in a trade last week. OBJ transcended the football world with his famous one-handed catch, earning notoriety across the sports realm. His trade was major news and the city of Cleveland believes that their team could be major contenders for the Super Bowl in a couple of years. Machine Gun Kelly is among the hopefuls, already sporting his Beckham Jr. jersey around the city.

MGK wanted to be one of the first to ever wear an official OBJ jersey after he switched teams, rocking it at an event a few days ago and on social media recently. The rapper smoked a blunt in the car while hitting an enthusiastic dance, showing off the name on the back of his jersey. Obviously, MGK can't wait for the new season to start. He'll have to hold off for a few more months though.

Do you think Beckham Jr. will lead the Browns to a successful season or are Cleveland fans getting their hopes up?