There's no denying that Machine Gun Kelly is having one hell of a year. With his pop-punk album Tickets To My Downfall successfully expanding the scope of his fanbase, it's fair to say that the Travis Barker-produced project is looking like MGK's biggest yet. Following its release, it would appear that Kelly has switched gears once again, putting his acting chops to the test with another yet movie role. 

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Following appearances in The King Of Staten Island, The Dirt, and Bird Box, MGK has officially begun production on a new western. While he had yet to confirm the title, a glimpse at his IMDB page seems to indicate that the film in question is The Last Son of Isaac Lemay, which also stars Heather Graham and Thomas Jane. Though he neglected to provide further details about the experience thus far, MGK did paint a picture of what his month will entail -- and let's be honest, not many rappers can add horsemanship to their resume of talents.

"I’m living in the back of a saloon in montana for the month shooting this cowboy movie," he writes, on his Twitter page. "Heading out now to go meet my horse. wish me luck." As MGK attempts to become one with the bestial world, fans can eagerly await further details on what may very well be his most dynamic role to date -- check back for further details on Kelly's experience shooting The Last Son Of Isaac Lemay, which will likely see release at some point in 2021.