In the entertainment industry where artists are molded to become a certain "type" to be marketed to the masses, authenticity is a rare find. Even some of our favorites have played the game in order to gain sympathy from fans to increase their popularity or sell records, and Machine Gun Kelly is calling them out. The rap-rocker caught up with Kerrang! recently and discussed being an authentic artist in a sea of others who use emotional triggers to collect sympathy.

“Some musicians are honest... they’re honestly annoying,” Machin Gun Kelly told the publication. “They f*cking cry about everything as a marketing tool and leave no space for people like me who’re like, ‘Yo, I actually never f*cking cry about shit that I wanna cry about, but here I am today ready to cry about some sh*t.’ But I won’t do it because you f*cked the whole landscape up because you’re f*ckin’ crying and went you to your label with a marketing campaign like, ‘Hey, here’s my strategy, I’m gonna f*ckin’ tweet every day about how much I f*cking hate myself and how sad I am and rack up the sympathy vote.’”

MGK added that he strives to be an artist that doesn't rely on deceiving his fans. “If I’m such an inspiration to somebody, as sad as I am, aren’t I supposed to show that there’s resilience in that sadness? Aren’t I supposed to show that you’re supposed to smile through it?" he asked. “I know the internet’s great, but it doesn’t need to necessarily be the form of how I’m going to let my diary out.” Who do you think he was talking about?