Machine Gun Kelly is man who wears many hats. With an expansive musical portfolio under his belt and an expanding cinematic repertoire, MGK continues to forge new creative ground. Most recently, he found himself engaging in an unexpected artform after being on the losing end of a wager: stand-up comedy. While some might feel climbing onstage and telling jokes in front of a massive crowd is nothing short of a nightmare, Machine Gun Kelly took to the task like a champ, providing five minutes of material during Pete Davidson's latest show.

The Blast has reported on the surreal experience, providing brief footage of the beginning of his routine.  "Um, I'm sure some of you are guessing, and you've guessed correctly - I'm not a comedian," he begins, to laughter from the crowd. Unfortunately, the clip cuts out before MGK's routine can kick off, leaving us wondering whether his jokes landed or faltered. Either way, it's admirable that he held it down, despite being out of his element.

Image via IG

The rapper proceeded to thank his homie for allowing him a platform to drop a few jokes. Hopefully, footage of his routine will surface in the near future, though perhaps some things are better left to the imagination. We can only imagine what might have happened had Pete lost the bet - might we have heard some Davidson bars on MGK's upcoming Hotel Diablo?