The expedience at which fake news travels is alarmingly quick. Machine Gun Kelly, fresh off his career highlight joust with Eminem, is the latest celebrity to fall victim to a death hoax precipitated by a fictitious drug called "Ligma." The first celebrity to have his fans adequately deceived by Internet trolls posing as news reporters was eSports phenom Ninja. His "death hoax" by way of "Ligma" was reported using a dummy account, which invariably duped a lot of non-believers into believing something quite nonsensical.

The "death hoax" is being perceived as a well-timed joke by Internet trolls who also happen to be hardcore Eminem fans by extension. Although last I heard, no one is actually keeping count of an MGK-Marshall scoreline. 

Not eveyone was fooled into thinking MGK was dead, but not enough people on the outside-looking-in took a moment to ponder this serious question: what the hell is "LIGMA" anyways? It sounds like it belongs to the Phoenician alphabet, but it really holds no value whatsoever, beyond the fact it was created by "ninja_hunter" who later saw his creation co-opted by several other Internet entities.

MGK is not dead. Much respect to those who exercised their right to Google. A big thumbs down to all the mooks who fell trap to "Ligma" yet again.