Along with many other luxuries that had to be put on pause with the onset of the pandemic, concerts and other music-centered spaces seem to be what people are most excited to tap back into. Mass vaccination rollout efforts in the United States point to what's shaping up to be a pretty exciting summer. 

That being said, while the possibility of an outside summer is music to the ears of many, the overall understanding is that the pandemic is not over. Masks are still required in most places and thousands of new cases continue to arise daily. Based on the crowd at one of the first full capacity shows in Florida since COVID-19, Machine Gun Kelly seems to be on the opposite side of the issue. 

Mike Coppola/Getty Images

Hundreds of folks lined up outside a Jacksonville concert venue to see the Tickets to My Downfall artist perform a sold-out full-capacity show on Friday (April 23). The concert stands as the return of full-capacity live music events in over a year. 

“We’ve hosted more than 25 live AEW shows at Daily’s Place this past year and drive-in concerts as well, and we’re excited for the return of a full house for live music,” said Chad Johnson, a representative for Bold Events, said in a prepared statement.

One concertgoer, Aliyah Holmes explained she and her friends drove 15 hours from Michigan to attend the concert. “I’ve got my masks and stuff, got my hand sanitizer,” Holmes said.

Another concertgoer, Atlanta nurse Brianna Daly, explained she didn't mind wearing a mask. “I’m a nurse myself so I don’t mind wearing a mask. I wear a mask 13 hours a day,” said Daly. Face coverings were encouraged but not required, and all concessions were cashless. Hand sanitizer was also ready on site.  

While the precautionary methods were taken, many questioned how realistic social-distancing in the space could truly be. What are your thoughts? Let us know down in the comments.