In case you missed it, Eminem released a two-part interview with Sway, documenting many of the hot topics surrounding the surprise Kamikaze release, including his feuds with Machine Gun Kelly and Joe Budden. After MGK dropped "Rap Devil," everybody anticipated a reply from Eminem right away but he revealed in the interview last night that he was thinking in a more calculated manner. "I’m not exactly sure what I’m going to do at this point," disclosed the Detroit rapper as he explained that everytime he responds to someone in a diss, it makes his opponent bigger, which he's not sure he wants to do with Kellz. After presumably hearing the interview, MGK seemed relieved that he wasn't going to get ethered anytime soon, hitting Instagram to share a few tour photos.

Of course, after Em's interview came out, people were flocking to Machine Gun Kelly's page to see what he would say if anything at all. The gallery includes several photos of the artist on stage, performing during his tour with Fall Out Boy. The last video has him popping a bottle post-show and while he may be celebrating another successful performance, he could also be saying a quick toast to his new elevated status in the game after dissing one of the greats. Of course, the newfound notoriety may simply be a temporary thing as it's not like Eminem completely nixed the idea of responding. It's sounding like it may eventually come, although the timing is a little unclear since Shady is happy sitting back to watch the steam blow over.

If you haven't seen it yet, check out the second part of Em's interview here.