You never know what's going to go down on the Justin Bieber Big tour. Young Thug is taking his close friend Machine Gun Kelly around the world with him as they embark on a musical tour of North America, performing their newest songs for thousands of fans on a nightly basis. The two have been homies for a while and when they're not getting ready to hit the stage, they can usually be found hanging outside of the arena getting into trouble. This weekend, MGK shared footage of their adventures while on tour, posting videos and photos of his facial injuries sustained while goofing off with Young Thug and his daughter.

"Family day," wrote the Ohio-based rapper on a photo of himself and his little girl. The main focus of the photo isn't how adorable he and his daughter are though... it's the blood dripping down his face. A gash next to his eye is leaking blood all the way down to his chin and, in a later upload, Kellz shows that he got himself stitched up shortly afterwards. Joking that the look is "way more mellow" than he originally thought, you can see the star's teeth covered in red.

It's unclear if this was just make-up for a video or photoshoot or if Kelly was actually injured before one of his recent shows. Check the content below.