Legendary producer Madlib, who released his new album, Sound Ancestors, on Friday, says he wishes more modern rap music was closer in style to Pubic Enemy and that today's music "is telling you bad things to do."

Madlib, Sound AncestorsNoam Galai / Getty Images

“Rap music right now should be like Public Enemy stuff, but it’s just not there,” Madlib told Guardian, Saturday. “I wish it was more like how it was in the earlier days when I was coming up. My influences. Real music. Music can teach you … things not to do.”

He added: “Most of the music today is telling you bad things to do. My type of hip-hop can help you grow up.”

While promoting his new music, Madlib also discussed the passing of MF DOOM. He recently admitted to NPR Music's Piotr Orlov that he learned about the Madvilliany rapper's death at the same time as everyone else: “I found out when everybody else did, on social media. His family's very private, so they probably didn’t know how to approach that one. I still can’t believe that he died. That’s weird.”

Sound Ancestors sees Madlib teaming up with Four Tet for yet another collaborative project. Check out the new album here.