TMZ reports shared an update with regards to Madonna's attempts to halt the selling of an old letter penned by rap-legend, Tupac. According to the news outlet, the famed singer filed an appeal to put a break on the sale of the letter. However, a New York State Appeals Court rejected the appeal and claimed that Madonna could not pursue claims against Darlene Lutz, a former friend who acted as her art consultant. Lutz is behind the deal with the auction house where she cosigned the items for sale. The court ruling will permit the sale of Madonna's intimate and personal items which include the sacred break-up letter from Tupac Shakur. 

Moreover, last year, a judge rejected Madonna's lawsuit to halt the sale of the letter. The justification offered at the time was that the "Like A Virgin" pop star had signed a release back in 2004 which prohibited her from suing over the letter's sale. The famous Tupac letter to Madonna states that the late rapper ended his relationship with the icon because she was white. And next month, the letter will be in the hands of the highest bidder. TMZ reached out to Madonna's reps, but no comments were offered as of yet.