LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers experienced NBA glory last night as they officially won the title in Orlando. Their win ushered in the end of the NBA's bubble experiment which went off without a hitch in terms of Coronavirus cases. Now, the players will be allowed to leave the bubble and come home to their families, who they have been without for over 100 days.

Today on First Take, Lakers legend Magic Johnson joined the show to speak on the team's win and what he sees from the moving forward. In the clip below, Johnson went so far as to say that AD and LeBron are the two best players in the NBA and that they will reclaim the title in 2021.

"LeBron James proved again why he is the greatest basketball player in the world. He proved again why he should have been named the most valuable player of the NBA," Johnson said. [Anthony Davis] proved he was the second-best player in the NBA this season. So watch out next season, I'm predicting right here right now, the Lakers are going to repeat."

Next season will be much tougher for the Lakers as they will have to deal with a rejuvenated Warriors team, as well as the KD and Kyrie Brooklyn Nets. Regardless, the Lakers have an opportunity to secure a third star and if they do, this team could be unstoppable.