Orlando Magic player Jonathan Isaac has caught quite a bit of flack on social media recently thanks to his refusal to wear a Black Lives Matter shirt during the Magic's first game inside of the bubble. In fact, Isaac was the only player who decided not to kneel during the National Anthem, which made his lack of BLM shirt stand out even more.

The only reason why this is a big story is because Isaac is the only player to not kneel thus far. Every single player has worn a Black Lives Matter shirt since the return of the league, making Isaac stick out like a sore thumb. In the image below, he looked quite out of place amongst his teammates.

As you can imagine, his actions led to quite a bit of reaction on social media, with many digging up old tweets that seem to suggest he has an alternative way at looking at the world, when compared to his teammates. For instance, Isaac once shared an opinion in which he felt the Central Park 5 were actually somewhat at fault for their own arrests. He has also been known to follow many far-right figures. 

On Twitter, there seemed to be two sides with many on the MAGA equation welcoming Isaac with open arms, all while actual NBA fans were upset that he wouldn't show solidarity with his teammates. Needless to say, the Magic locker room must be an interesting place right now.