The Bow Wow challenge took on a life of its own. The rapper's attempt to flex on the 'Gram only to be called out has happened one too many times. He's made fun of himself in the past but it appears the pump faking isn't limited to the 'Gram. Maino has his own story of Bow Wow's  odd flexes.

On the latest episode of the rapper's Kitchen Talk podcast, he recounted his own run-in with Bow Wow in the club where the child star "did something funny." Maino explained that Bow Wow was in the club in New York City when he received a call to come through. After hanging out in the club, and mingling with others, Bow Wow reportedly told Maino that he'd walk out whenever the Brooklyn rapper decided to leave.

"He like, 'Yo, my car is around the corner,'" Maino recalled. "We get around the corner and my car is parked right where I thought his driver was at -- where he said his driver was at. So I seen a black truck. My car's right there. I'm like, 'Cool.' We standing there talking, we standing their talking and then like, time is just passing and nobody's leaving. And I guess, like, maybe somebody was waiting for me to leave first or we just vibing. And then he's like, 'Yo, I'm out.' And when he went to leave, I'm like, 'Oh, he jumpin' in the truck.' He went into the street and flagged down a taxi cab... I thought this was your driver?"

His co-hosts added that the behavior is kind of weird, especially given Bow Wow's track record.