Maggie Carrie, who appears on the New York edition of the Love & Hip Hop franchise, has revealed how being shot has affected her mental health. A sneak peek of the show's next episode features part of Maggie's testimonial dealing with the emotional residuals of the incident. 

Carrie was the victim of a shooting that occurred at a concert in 2016, the same year she started dating Maino.

“It’s a lot for me, something about the crowds—I just feel so vulnerable,” said Maggie. "It’s been hard for me, I gotta start small.”

Maggie acknowledges that her story is not unique, but her struggle still persists.

"It's sad to say that shootings are so common nowadays. I try my best every day to move forward but it's not easy. I keep thinking about the 'what ifs' and what could possibly happen, and to be honest, it's kind of holding me back."

Thankfully, she finds strength in her partnership with Maino, who tends to her needs as well as those of her blind, paralyzed brother.

"That's a place where I almost died," she said in reference to 2016," Since then, we've moved in together, and not only is he there for me but he's there for my brother Julius."