Steven Avery's case became the most talked about court proceeding since OJ Simpson. Netflix introduced the world to Avery via their hit crime-drama docuseries Making a Murderer. On the show, Avery's past is explored in depth. The Manitowoc County, Wisconsin native was arrested in the 80's, and spent 18 years in prison for a rape he didn't commit. When DNA evidence exonerated from the crime nearly two decades later, he was released. 

After being free for two years, Avery was arrested yet again. This time, he was blamed for, and ultimately convicted of, killing and raping Teresa Halbach. Netflix's Making a Murderer follows both cases, but dives deeply into the Halback case. Avery is still sitting in prison for the second murder, which he maintains he didn't commit. Is the law playing with his life a second time? Part 2 of Making a Murderer will investigate the dizzying case. 

Netflix released the first official trailer for the second part of Making a Murderer, which will continue to raise a microscope to the justice system in Wisconsin. "The convictions were only the beginning," is the tagline for the coming season, which debuts on Netflix October 19.