Malika Haqq wants to spend every waking moment with her newborn son, Ace, with ex-boyfriend, O.T. Genasis. On Tuesday (April 7th), the actress and TV personality confessed in a video on her Instagram story that she is "addicted" to her baby boy, to the point where she's tempted to disrupt his nap time just to spend more time with him.

“I wanted my baby to go to sleep so that I could get some stuff done around the house," she explained in the clip, "and now that he’s asleep, I want to wake him up.” Malika and Genasis welcomed their son, Ace Flores, on March 14th earlier this year, after confirming that he was, indeed, the father of her child back in February. Malika first announced her pregnancy back in September, but refrained from revealing who the father was for several months. Although the former couple are no longer together, they've remained committed to fostering a healthy co-parenting relationship.

“Relationships don’t always work out the way we would hope but between love & friendship we have created a baby boy that will be here very soon,” she explained on an Instagram post from her baby shower. “I’ve been single the last 8 months but I am in no way alone. OT and I have attended every doctors apt and overall loved on our son together while anticipating his arrival. My priority over the past few months has been to nurture and protect my unborn child. Our baby would not be who he is without his father and I thank God for the spirit that grows inside of me. Only thing that matters, we are Baby Flores parents." Respect.