Kanye West made an extremely bizarre appearance at the White House last week when he met with Donald Trump in the Oval Office. T.I and Ice-T slammed 'Ye for meeting Trump, but not everyone looked at it as a negative experience. Mally Mall recently praised Kanye West for trying to make a positive change in America.

TMZ caught Mally Mall outside of Drake's concert at the Staples Centre on Saturday night when he shared some positive words about Kanye West's political efforts.

"Aw man, Kanye's a genius, man. I hope they get Larry Hoover out. That's a good move right there," he said. "You know, Kanye wants what's best for the country, man. You know what I mean? I don't get into the whole politics really like that, but as long as its positive, I'm all for it, man. I fuck with Kanye."

When asked whether he thinks Kanye's moves will actually spark some sort of change, Mally Mall said, "He's trying. I respect him trying more than people not trying."

Kanye West recently left to Africa with his wife Kim Kardashian, their kids and Big Sean. 'Ye is currently in Uganda where he's working on his upcoming album, Yandhi which was initially supposed to drop in late September before being pushed back nearly two months to November 23rd.