Though XXXTentacion passed away on June 18th, 2018, his name has continuously remained in the headlines. Unfortunately, the circumstances surrounding his legacy have been complicated to say the least. With recently surfaced recordings casting light on his violent past, discourse pertaining to the late rapper has been particularly heated. Still, that didn't stop Mally Mal from chiming in with his thoughts on the deceased artist, with whom he previously collaborated on "Arms Around You."

"In life man, everybody makes mistakes," says Mal. "If those allegations were true. I didn't see it, so I can't speak on something I didn't see. I feel like everybody needs to pay respect to him and his mom, Cleo. Jah passed away. Like I said, people make mistakes, people do a lot of things all day. People gotta let him rest in peace man. Whatever he did, he was young, people deserve a second chance."

Reiterating that he cannot speak on the tapes, which he has yet to hear, Mally explains that "Jah is not here. He can't defend himself. The world needs to just let his mom mourn and rest in peace. They need to give him a choice to just rest in peace, man." Check out his thoughts below, courtesy of TMZ