A truly disturbing incident occurred over the weekend as two women were brutally murdered in an apartment in Vacaville, California. On Saturday, January 30th, Police took 29-year-old  -- brother of rapper Uzzy Marcus -- into custody and subsequently charged him with two counts of first-degree murder. 

Authorities were initially alerted that an armed man had barricaded himself in an apartment building, with the woman who made the initial call revealing that she had seen the man live-streaming the aftermath of his crimes social media. In the video, disturbing footage can be seen of Weber moving around the apartment armed with a handgun, with two women lying dead on the floor. Unfortunately, some of the horrifying footage was quick to circulate on social media, all while the identities of both women had yet to be revealed.

Upon arriving on the scene, police found Weber barricading himself in the apartment; a Facebook post from the Vacaville Police Department confirms that he was wanted on an "outstanding warrant for various felonies including domestic battery and assault with a deadly weapon." Upon forcefully entering the apartment, Raymond was subdued; the initial report indicates that a taser was used during the scuffle. 

As the video from Raymond's live-stream began circulating on YouTube faster than it could be taken down, some were quick to draw the connection between the killer and his brother, local rapper Uzzy Marcus. A report from ABC goes into detail about how events played out, detailing that the standoff lasted over seven hours as police rushed to evacuate the neighboring buildings. "The video, which is too gruesome to share, reveals the suspect wielding a handgun while standing over two naked, bloody, and badly bruised women," explains the reporter. "At least one appeared to have a gunshot wound."

As of now, Raymond is being held at the Solano County Jail without bail. His court date is set for Tuesday, Feb. 2.