If there is one warehouse that has a ton of valuable sneakers laid away inside of it, it would most definitely be the GOAT app warehouse. The GOAT app allows people to buy and resell shoes which are legit checked by GOAT themselves. It's a service that currently rivals that of Stock X with the only difference being that GOAT allows you to sell used shoes. Since October of 2018, GOAT has had a little bit of a problem on their hands as $50,000 worth of sneakers have gone missing from their warehouse in Secaucus, New Jersey. 

According to Sole Collector, authorities arrested a man who they believe is responsible for the burglaries. The man's name is Daqwuan Ralls and is apparently a former employee of the sneaker reselling app.

He is facing multiple burglary, weapons, and theft charges in relation to these alleged crimes. Police say there were four separate burglaries which are all being investigated. Ralls was caught during a burglary attempt on Sunday, March 10th where he was found wielding a knife in the stairwell of the warehouse. As reported by the police, 50 pairs of shoes were recovered from Ralls although we're not sure which sneakers he actually took just yet.

GOAT has yet to comment on the situation.