In life, there are L's of the character-building variety. The jury is still out on whether or not this latest one fits the bill. A would-be chain-snatcher discovered that actions indeed have consequences, as he attempted to relieve Young Dolph of the ice around his neck. Though the situation likely played out more favorably in his head, the thief soon realized that chain-snatching is not quite as easy a crime as it may seem. Especially not when the target rolls as deep as Dolph, with an entourage ready and willing to dole out brutal lessons in etiquette. 

Video footage reveals the man catching a particularly violent beat-down, all while the dulcet tones of Ella Mai's "Trip" ring out in the background. Not the most appropriate soundtrack for doling out ass-whoopings, but surprisingly effective nevertheless. Of course, it's difficult to make out the full extent of the debacle, and we can only hope that no long-form damage came as a result. Still, it's never a wise idea to steal somebody's hard-earned possession, and one has to wonder if foresight was really applied?