There might not have been as eventful of a set at Rolling Loud on Sunday as DaBaby's, for better or for worse. The North Carolina rapper delivered a high-energy performance where a few viral moments were created. Most notably, he was nearly hit with a shoe during his set. DaBaby was carrying on his performance duties when, out of nowhere, a shoe flew towards his head that he, fortunately, managed to dodge. On top of that, he apparently managed to identify that the shoe was a "busted ass goddamn Adida." 

DaBaby immediately asked the crowd who lobbed footwear at his head but he never received an immediate response. However, one individual claimed responsibility on social media. A clip of the incident circulated Twitter with the tweet reading, "WHO THREW A SHOE AT DABABY IM CRINEEE." The alleged culprit took to Twitter to share a photo of their feet with only one sneaker on. "It was me," the person wrote along with their location reading "Hard Rock Stadium." 

While DaBaby's shoe incident made headlines all night, he found himself at the center of controversy during his performance, as well. Following his recent falling out with Megan Thee Stallion, fans believed DaBaby purposefully was trying to shade her by bringing Tory Lanez out during his set immediately after performing "Cash Shit."

Peep the response from the shoe guy below.