In July 1993, Michael Jordan’s father, James Jordan, was shot and killed along a North Carolina road. Daniel Green and Larry Demery were both given life sentences for the July 22 murder but now, 25 years later, Green and his defense team are hoping a superior court judge will consider new evidence.

According to the Chicago Tribune's Dan Wiederer:

"Green's defense team hopes to present new evidence that they contend will show that the blood evidence and testimony were misrepresented at the original trial; that a bullet hole found in Jordan's shirt is suspect; and that there were failures by the prosecution to properly disclose information that would have connected the sheriff's drug-trafficking biological son to the investigation." 

James Jordan was on his way back from a funeral in Wilmington, North Carolina, in 1993 when he was shot and killed after pulling off Highway 74 to take a nap. His body was found in a swamp 11 days later. Green admitted helping move the body to the swamp, but maintains that he was not the trigger man, or even being present for the murder.

Although Green believes he could clear his name with new evidence, prosecutor Johnson Britt doesn't think things will go in his favor.

"I just think that's his personality," Britt told Wiederer. "He's never going to own up to what he did. He's never going to own up to what the jury said he did. He just won't accept it."

The Chicago Tribune has published a full recap of the events, the evidence, and Green's hopes for a new trial which you can read, in full, here.