In news that seems too crazy to be true, police have detained a man who was running a methamphetamine lab in an Atlantic City casino hotel. After the room caught fire, four floors in the building had to be evacuated in order to avoid injury. The lab was only discovered by officials once firefighters investigated the scene and what factors caused the incident. 

The fire, which took place at the Tropicana Casino & Resort, injured the mastermind behind the initiative, as well as a hotel employee who entered the room upon being notified of the combustion. 

Security footage from the hotel revealed two men and one woman escaping the room moments before hotel personnel and first responders showed up. WHYY reports that police have effectively charged 49 year-old Michael Pillar of New Jersey with "maintaining a drug production facility, possession of methamphetamine, and criminal mischief." The other two individuals who were spotted fleeing the scene were released with no charges laid against them. 

The fire took place on the 44th floor of the hotel's west tower, and damage was contained in Pillar's room only. The lab was eventually taken apart by New Jersey State Police Hazardous Material Response Unit.