On Sunday, a couple of friends in Houston took to Facebook Live to playfully idle with each other in a local gas station parking lot. However, things became particularly troubling once a female passenger took out a gun and started waving it around. 

Devyn Holmes, 26, was sitting beside Cassandra Demper, 25, who began to jokingly point the pistol at the camera and pretend to shoot. However, this behaviour made Holmes feel uncomfortable, as he was heard telling Demper that "you're making me nervous." He even attempts to stop her from brandishing the gun around after becoming frightened by any potential danger it may cause. 

A man sitting behind the two reassures Holmes that "it ain't got no clip, bud," moments before the handgun was accidentally fired and struck Holmes in the head. Footage of the incident that is making the rounds on social media does not show the actual shooting, but instead depicts the moments afterwards as Holmes was slumped over, unresponsive, and covered in blood. 

Holmes was immediately rushed to a nearby hospital, where he remains in critical condition, according to local authorities. Demper has been charged with tampering or fabricating with evidence after she tried to wipe off the gun residue on her hands. Upon being questioned by police officers investigating the incident, Demper admitted that she was unaware the gun was loaded at the time. The other man who was present in the vehicle during the shooting will not be formally charged with any crimes.