Last week, a man's mugshot went viral across social media as it became a meme overnight. People were impressed at how large his neck was as he smiled for his police photo. Charles Dion McDowell was released from jail and enjoyed his newfound fame before yesterday when he was arrested again.

He just can't seem to stay out of trouble as McDowell was arrested a second time this month. This time though, his mugshot isn't as funny. The criminal was smiling in the last shot, showing off his abnormally-sized neck, which led to many memes being made about him. This time, the angle makes it less apparent that he's got the strongest traps in the world. He sports a frown as he was much less enthused to be making his way to jail this time.

He was nabbed for evading the police, reckless driving, driving with a revoked license, improper lane usage, and a marijuana charge. This time he was in a different neck of the woods according to TMZ, getting busted in Alabama. His photo has been shared thousands of times with Snoop Dogg and Trippie Redd having some fun at his expense today. Hopefully, he still gets to have a turkey dinner in jail.