Marco Rubio is such astute observer of the rap game that he should be spared the ridicule for being less familiar with Kanye West, should he not? When asked to rate Kanye's bars on Ye, and he clearly lost his composure and his wits. Then against his better judgement he decided to post the interview segment on his Twitter, hoping maybe to score some points with millennial voters.

Another theory of mine is that Marco Rubio senses an opportunity to recruit Kanye West to the red cause. As of right now, Kanye West is a few strokes shy of landing on partisan lines. Could this be Rubio's window to make up for lost time? Evidently so. 

Hearing Marco Rubio make sense of Kanye's trip to Wyoming was like witnessing a cheating husband plead innocence with a goose pimple on his neck. The knowing is in the writing, fam. Rubio did score points for knowing Kanye West was embroiled in the Pusha T/Drake saga, but no one seems to have updated him on scorecard. The Florida Senator remains hopeful the White House will fax him an "advanced copy" so he can bring himself up to speed. Rubio willingness to engage Donald Trump has been a constant source of comedy for those still faithful to CNN coverage.