Los Angeles Clippers forward Marcus Morris was ejected late in the first quarter of Game 6 against the Dallas Mavericks for a flagrant foul on Luka Doncic. 

Marcus Morris, Luka Doncic, EjectedKevin C. Cox / Getty Images

While going up for a layup with one minute left in the first quarter, Morris hit Doncic hard on a layup attempt.

"I think he got ejected because he's Marcus, to be honest," Clippers head coach Doc Rivers told ESPN during a sideline interview after the first quarter. "I thought he made a play on the ball and his hand followed through. It happens in every game. We can't worry about that."

Donic and Morris have been physical throughout this first-round series. During Game 5, many fans thought Morris intentionally stepped on Doncic's injured ankle. He spoke about the response earlier this week: "Somebody would actually really like try to make a case for me trying to hurt another player intentionally," Morris said. "I stand on respect, morals and hard work, and my family watching [me play] this game.

"One thing I am not is a dirty player," Morris added. "And I hang my hat on being a hard worker. I am a respected man in this league and I hope that people look at that and know me as who I am and I would never go that far, trying to hurt somebody. I just think that's absurd and it's just too far."