Marcus Smart may be done playing basketball this season but he isn't done making people look like absolute fools out on the court. A video surfaced today of Smart at a local youth basketball camp where he was showing off some of his best moves to the kids. At one point, Smart decided to play a game of one-on-one with a young child and made him regret ever wanting to play with some pretty spectacular moves.

In the beginning, Smart lets the kid start with the ball and try to score a bucket. As you would expect, Smart wouldn't let the kid through and when he finally went to put up a shot, Smart blocked the ball all the way out of the gym.

The real fun started when Smart took the ball and went up on offense. With absolute no regard for anyone's feelings, the Celtics players crossed the kid out multiple times until he was left lying on the floor. That's when Smart finally put the ball in the bucket and was mobbed by a group of kids who were watching on.

Smart isn't the first player to do this as D'Angelo Russell did something similar just a few days ago. While the kid might be embarrassed at the moment, at least they learn how to play defense and not get beat like that again. In the end, everyone wins.