The fact that Mariah Carey is an R&B icon is never put into question. However, the singer's vocal skills and performance abilities have been criticized in the last couple of years. Fail compilation videos of Carey's lackluster performances can be found online. Still, the songstress has been back on her grind. After dazzling crowds consistently during her residency in Las Vegas, Mariah performed at the AMAs. 

The diva came through with a flowing dress from which dancers emerged. Her glamourous performance offered this type of signature decadence to the tune of her new single "With You." Although she wowed the audience, some folks on Twitter seemed unimpressed.

Social media users are speculating about the quality of her vocals. Most fans were proud of their queen while others expressed an oppositional opinion: Mariah Carey may have been lip-synching the whole time.

"I’m not gonna disrespect or negate the accomplishments of Mariah Carey, but sis...who we fooling?"

In fairness, many artist lip-sync during these types of performances considering the grandeur their grandeur. This seemed to have been the plan during Carey's New Year's Eve performance in 2016 when she ended up speaking over her track instead of singing. She seemed upset when an instrumental with backup vocals played. Either way, Mariah Carey's AMA performance this year made an impression.