Mariah Carey is the queen of many things, one of them being social media. Therefore, she had to participate in the latest viral trend - "The Dolly Parton Challenge." The challenge entails posting four photos of yourself that capture the varying online personas you project on social networking platforms. Carey (or her marketing team) realized that her romantic relationships over the years could be spun into a funny collage for this occasion. 

A photo of Carey with her former husband, Tommy Mottola, was chosen for the LinkedIn box. Considering Mottola is a big-shot music executive, he could be seen as accurately reflecting the corporate culture of LinkedIn. Good choice, Mariah. Facebook is the more wholesome platform of the bunch, so Carey decided on a photo of herself, other ex-husband Nick Cannon and their twins. Instagram is an app you use to show a more playful side of yourself, while also proving to others that you have your life together. For this reason, Mariah's IG snapshot is a cute picture of her and her current 36-year-old boyfriend, Bryan Tanaka. Last but not least, we have Tinder, which is obviously reserved for the most untamed photo of yourself you could find. Mariah selected a flirty throwback that shows off her toned physique in a leopard-print bikini.

Eminem also participated in this challenge, which resulted in Machine Gun Kelly making fun of him