Page Six has learned that ticket sales for Mariah Carey's July 5 opening night of her three-month residency are looking pretty miserable. Her “Butterfly Returns” concerts at Caesars Palace has been downgraded to a smaller venue which seats 4,300 spectators. Mariah Carey's publicist vehemently denies that her star client has reached another low point. Hopefully the report isn't just a scare tactic by scalpers looking to reassess their "payload."

Back in November, Mariah did away with her "fiercely protective" manager Stella Bulochnikov, and has not performed in public since Christmas. Although it's not entirely out of character for Mariah to go through the motions, so to speak, her publicist insists there isn't a worry in the world. "These allegations are false and come from a source that must be desperate to pretend to be in the know... Look forward to seeing you at the Vegas show if you can get a seat!” This coming from the same publicist who denied reports that her client was low on cash and hawked her engagement in order to recoup the funds. People close to her are reportedly concerned, but if anyone knows what's in her best interest, they will heed to those demands. As of this writing, LiveNation insists they are "very pleased with ticket sales."