An LA developer, the poshly named Huntington Estates, is beginning to build what are being called marijuana mansions, according to TMZ. So far there are five of them in the works and they'll cost between $30 and $40 million. 

In their advertising the developer is targeting athletes who 1. have the money to spend tens of millions of dollars on a house just because it's pot friendly and 2. could do with a bit of CBD or THC assisted pain-relief. The focus of their advertising is an interesting one, as weed currently exists in a legal and moral grey area in the US, with its legal status varying from state to state.

The mansions will include a 2-year live-in employee or "dedicated harvester," who will cultivate a maximum of 6 plants (the limit in California) in a section of the property called the "cannabis conservatory."

As for the design, the houses look more like nightclubs than personal residences, with bongs on every table, purple neon lights on the ceiling and the visual art equivalent of royalty free music adorning the walls (plus there's a grand piano). In other words, the interior designer was very stoned. 

See mock-ups of the property here and the real estate company's website here