On a night where the house and senate were being decided across bipartisan lines, voters in 4 states were decided on the legalization of marijuana for recreational and medical purposes. Two of the states were voting on the recreational ledgers: North Dakota and the state of Michigan to varying results, the Midwestern State proving more conducive to progressive change.

In Utah and Missouri, voters approved changes to the ledger, paving the way for marijuana use for medical purposes in each state. Utah's electoral sweep comes despite defiance from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints' edict against marijuana, for any means of consumption.

Once passed (if passed), Michigan's vote to approve recreational usage would make it the 10th state do so. The States of Colorado, Washington, and California are often revered by Cannabis Culturists are the trailblazers in the North American "legalize it" movement. On the other hand, medical marijuana will have been made legal 33 times after the motions are passed in Missouri and Utah.

The push towards "legalization" is in part fuelled by the emergence of a fully-functioning Cannabis Industry that is currently projected to rake in billions domestically, globally, so long as changes are being amended into state legislation.