Marilyn Manson's career seems more and more unsalvageable as a fourth woman has now come out against the singer for sexual assault and sexual battery claims. These claims, which are incredibly violent, are the fourth in a two-month-reckoning with the singer's alleged predatory past. The accuser, model Ashley Morgan Smithline, alleges that she and the singer started a consensual sexual relationship in 2010, though it quickly became violent within the first month. 

According to TMZ, the singer became obsessed with the model in 2010 and began contacting her over social media. Later that year, Manson and his self-described "perfect girl" began a relationship, but the relationship quickly became violent and toxic. The model allegedly suffered injuries to her ribs and vagina after she awoke "unconsciousness with her ankles and wrists tied together behind her back and [Manson] sexually penetrating her." She claims she said no repeatedly, but the singer didn't stop. 

That same month, things got even more brutal during a similar sexual encounter. After choking and slamming her, Smithline claims Manson "grabbed a knife next to the bed and began cutting [her] shoulder, inner arm, and stomach," leaving permanent scars on her body. The couple continued their relationship until 2013, which Smithline alleges consisted of consistent threats to her life, physical abuse, anti-Semitic harassment, and poor living conditions. She is suing Manson for sexual assault, sexual battery, and intentional inflection of emotional distress and false improvement. 

In response to Smithline's claims, Manson's team said "We strongly deny Ms. Smithline’s claims. There are so many falsehoods within her claims that we wouldn’t know where to begin to answer them. This relationship, to the limited extent it was a relationship, lasted less than a week in 2010."

We will keep you updated on the status of the lawsuit.