HBO teased an image which showed the provocative musician Marilyn Manson along with the famed actress Sharon Stone (Basic Instinct) as new additions to the Paolo Sorrentino directed series, The New Pope. The show will serve as a follow-up to the previous series also glazed by Sorrentino, The Young Pope. As of now, no details have been given as to what Manson and Stone's roles will be within the sequel series, but we do know the two are huge fans of The Young Pope and its director. Nevertheless, the photos of the rocker tease Manson will be playing a character which resonates with his true life persona. This would also be both Stone and Manson's first time working with the Italian director. 

According to Variety, The New Pope will be a drama series much like its predecessor. As the new show will be a continuation of the 2016 limited series, it will star Jude Law (The Talented Mr. Ripley) once more, reprising the role of Pope Pius XIII along with John Malkovich (Bird Box). No air date has been set for the show. As for the upcoming drama series' success, it may be guaranteed considering the previous show resulted in Jude Law snagging a Golden Globe nomination.