Shock rocker Marilyn Manson is being hit with yet another lawsuit. For decades, the controversial artist has made headlines over his often odd behavior, but in recent months, Marilyn Manson has faced several sets of accusations from women who have insisted that they were victims of the singer. Many of the women are reportedly former partners or girlfriends of Manson, but on Tuesday (May 18), TMZ reported that a former assistant of the singer has filed a lawsuit against him. 

Ashley Walters has filed a suit alleging "sexual assault, battery and harassment," stating that she first met Manson back in 2010. 

Marilyn Manson, Rape, Esme Bianco, Ashley Waters, Sexual Assault
Danny E. Martindale / Stringer / Getty Images

He reportedly invited her back to his home in West Hollywood where Walters claims he "requested she take off her top and pinned her on a bed." She alleges he attempted to kiss her, bit her ear, and tried to get her to touch his genitals. Walters's story overlaps with Game of Thrones Esmé Bianco, a reported former girlfriend of Manson who lived at his home and is suing him with similar allegations. According to Walters, after Bianco and Manson ended their relationship in 2011, the actress told Walters to leave because Bianco believed the singer "would be dangerous."

Walters also claims that Manson made disturbing statements that included him allegedly saying he "loves when girls looked like they had just been raped." She also wrote in her suit that the singer bragged about "getting away with rape" and said he'd like to "kill women he was seeing." Manson is also accused of using drugs and once he discovered that Walters and Bianco were spending time together, Walters claimed she was fired before being rehired son after. She was once again fired months later but accuses Manson of continuing to "physically and verbally threaten her."

TMZ reported that Manson's camp once again denies the accusations of assault.