Mario Judah hasn't released any new music since dropping Whole Lotta Red, his four-song attempt at out-doing Playboi Carti in his own style. The metal-inspired rapper has been on the rise for the last several months, but this week, he seemingly shifted his focus from music to his relationship woes.

On Twitter and Instagram, Mario Judah has been lashing out at his ex-girlfriend, who he claims cheated on him. "I hate cheaters," tweeted Judah. "I hope y’all die in a pool filled with Hot sauce!!!" He also wrote the following: "if your a cheater, your going to die this week (im coming to kill you!!!!!!!)" The threats seemingly weren't credible... until the rapper went on Instagram Live, allegedly pulling up on his ex-girlfriend. In the video, it sounds like he beats her up.

A video has been circulating on Twitter, which shows a portion of Mario Judah's live, where he seemingly notices his ex walking on the street, pulling over, getting out, and allegedly beating her up. "I don't give a f*ck. I don't give a f*ck if she can't walk no more," he said. "F*ck it. That's what she gets. F*ck that b*tch, bro!"

The video is pitch black and, throughout the entirety of it, one of Mario's friends constantly calls out to him to return to the vehicle, telling him he's got too much to lose. It's unclear if this was staged, but even if it was, this is a very strange thing to do for publicity.

What do you think of this situation?