Playboi Carti fans have theorized that today could finally be the day that the Atlanta rapper releases his new studio album Whole Lotta Red. The reasoning behind their theories comes from Carti's recent posts on social media, which have included a bunch of 3's and 0's. Reaching slightly, people are under the assumption that the vampiric artist is planning to drop on November 30 as a result.

If he doesn't come through today, people will continue to grow increasingly frustrated with the lack of updates from the rapper, which is what killed his hype the first time the album was rumored to drop.

Thankfully, if Playboi Carti doesn't decide to release his album, we've got Mario Judah to stand in for him.

Nobody would have thought that the hottest new kid on the scene, Mario Judah, could pull off such an impressive Playboi Carti impression but it turns out that he sounds just like the rapper at times. He went live on Instagram recently and recorded a song in Carti's style, getting the baby voice perfectly and promising that, if Carti doesn't drop Whole Lotta Red, he will.

"I'll drop that bitch. I will drop Whole Lotta Red if you don't," said Mario Judah in a new video, screaming and landing a spot-on Carti impression. Then, he went all-out with the impression, recording a song over a Carti-type beat and sounding almost exactly like the rapper. So, if things end up failing for the "Die Very Rough" artist, we know that he's got a potential job as a Playboi Carti impersonator on TikTok.

Mario Judah isn't playing around at all, he's giving Carti one full week to drop his new album. If it's not out by then, he'll be dropping his own version of Whole Lotta Red. If you don't believe him, just take a look at what he did with his viral remake of DaBaby's "ROCKSTAR".