Mario Judah says he was "one of those" Playboi Carti fans who would constantly tell the Die Lit rapper to drop his album, Whole Lotta Red. Judah discussed his Carti fandom with HNHH for our "12 Days Of Christmas" interview series.

Judah, who dropped his own version of a Whole Lotta Red single before Carti, explained:

Before I blew up, way before I blew up, I was one of those fans in the comment section like “bro, drop a Whole Lotta Red bro,” and we’ve been doing that for two years. So I figured, of sh*t, I got a platform, this n*gga gon hear it cause there’s no way he’s not going to know, everyone’s going tag him and let him go. So I was like yeah, I got a platform now, let me use my platform for the good and give the world what they need, cause obviously, we know how Carti is, cause he’s been doing it for two years, saying he’s going to drop, so I was like you know what if you don’t do it bro, I’m going to do it. For the culture, because the thing is people care about the baby voice in the songs, it’s not like Carti does antics and people care about the publicity stunts-- people actually like the music. So if people like the music from him, then I’ll just give the people what they want instead of having them waiting another two years and I’m a fan of him so I was like f*ck it, and everybody was f*cking with it and respects me for it, as they should cause it’s like bro, two years is uncalled for it is. I don’t feel like there’s an excuse honestly.

Tuesday, Judah said he's officially done messing with Carti, now that Whole Lotta Red is in fans' hands. "Carti is dropping a deluxe soon so my job here is done...ROCKSTAR JUDAH IS BACK!!!!!!" he wrote on Twitter.

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