There's emo rap, and then there's Mario Judah. Judge him how you will, but you've got to give the guy credit for knowing how to garner the type of social media attention that's just as wild as his goth-inspired viral rap hits.

As he continues to rise in the rap world, we expect that he'll be doing some of the usual things that many young stars before him did during their first year out. While Judah has already proven that he'll more than likely trade in the classic rap chain for a spiked collar, one tradition that he did decide to carry on is the well known face tattoo.

Screaming "YEAH! FIRST FACE TAT!" as he got it done, Mario Judah opted for something simple actually that didn't go overboard. His right eyebrow was etched with two red slits at the end, which was accompanied by a small rock hands motif that all fit his heavy metal and reflective lifestyle. 

Mario Judah isn't the most conventional rap star in the least bit, but his niche for going beyond what's expected of "the next big rapper" is something that sets him apart just as much as his wild AF screams on wax. While being a wild boy is cool and all for aesthetic, we can only hope he isn't getting crazy in real life on his ex-girlfriend as reported not too long ago following a viral situation for all the wrong reasons. Let's hope this dude's career doesn't get ruined before he can even get some proper photos on Getty! *prayers up*

Check out Mario Judah getting his first face tattoo via the homies at Rolling Loud, and let us know down below in the comments what your thoughts are on the current Judah wave: