2020 has been one of the worst years in a lot of people's lives although there have certainly been some positive sprinkled throughout. One of the people who has benefitted from 2020 is none other than Mario Judah who burst onto the scene with his song "Die Very Rough." Since that time, Judah has been all over social media and his virality continues to grow. It even hit a peak just a couple of weekends ago when he released his very own rendition of Whole Lotta Red.

Now, Judah is back this time with a short 30-second video that shows off his distaste and displeasure with 2020. The video is simply called "FUCK 2020" and it features Judah screaming that very phrase into a microphone. Judah also makes sure to send some shots at 2020's mom and even their brother.

The video in and of itself is fairly absurd although considering we're talking about Judah here, it's what you would come to expect from him. The artist has noted that he likes to be entertaining and that's certainly what he's proven to be over the last few months. In fact, we're sure this video will get the meme treatment, very shortly.

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