During the lead-up to Playboi Carti's long-anticipated Whole Lotta Red album release, Mario Judah became a viral sensation, asking the Atlanta native to deliver on his two-year-old promises and sharing WWE-style videos to threaten the rapper that, if he didn't drop, he would do it for him. In the midst of that chaos, Mario Judah actually came through and dropped his four-track version of Whole Lotta Red, which some people were initially saying is actually even better than the twenty-four-track version that Carti dropped. Now that the smoke has cleared, it looks like Mario is getting back to his regularly-scheduled programming.

Building his brand off the back of Whole Lotta Red, Mario Judah is moving back onto what initially brought him virality and fame, promising that "Rockstar Judah" is back.

"Carti is dropping a deluxe soon so my job here is done," said Mario Judah on Twitter, his first new post since the album actually released. "ROCKSTAR JUDAH IS BACK!!!!!!" 

The post includes old pictures of the budding "Die Very Rough" star, including one with the Snapchat dog filter, which is very meme-able. 

Which direction would you like to see Mario Judah go in next? He seems destined for success in whichever path he chooses, but his metal and rock influences are seemingly shaping his next chapter. Do you still want to hear his full version of Whole Lotta Red though?