Playboi Carti is one of those artists who always seems to elicit a polarizing response from people. Some fans love Carti while others think he is the death of music as we know it. Of course, the latter is a bit of an exaggeration but the Twitter discourse would suggest otherwise. Since releasing his new album Whole Lotta Red, fans have been split on Carti's new output and some longtime fans are feeling a bit betrayed.

One of those fans is none other than Mario Judah who has been constantly begging for WLR to release. Now that it's here, Judah has turned his back on Carti and is even taking a shot at his latest performance.

This tweet is in reference to some of Carti's dance moves during his New Year's Eve performance that saw him moving around the stage in a manner that seemed to upset his fanbase. Even Judah wasn't a fan of it although Carti has always danced like this, so it's weird to see people calling him out for it now. 

For those who are curious about the performance in question, you can check out some of the clips, below. Also, be sure to read our review on Whole Lotta Red, here.