As if we needed another reason for social media to explode with opinions, Mark Cuban has shaken the table. There have been several dialogues about America's national anthem in recent years, especially since Colin Kaepernick began kneeling during the anthem before NFL games prior to being edged out of the NFL. The silent protest was something that was widely rejected by sports fans and executives alike, but Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has reportedly consulted with NBA commissioner Adam Silver about no longer playing the anthem prior to Dallas Mavericks games.

Colin Kaepernick, National Anthem, Take a Knee
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According to ESPN, there hadn't been a formal announcement about the anthem's removal, however, it hasn't made an appearance "before any of their 13 preseason and regular-season games at the American Airlines Center this season." That seems strange to the public because no one from any other teams, including staff, has publicly spoken about the rule change.

Throughout 2020, professional sports players were seen wearing Black Lives Matter attire or kneeling during the anthem as they stood accused of disrespecting the flag and veterans while being called anti-American. All of the allegations have been repeatedly debunked over the years, and it seems that Cuban has curbed the controversy by removing the song altogether.

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There reportedly is a rule in the NBA playbook about player's standing for the national anthem, but Silver hasn't enforced it because he previously stated he knows that it is a sensitive subject. Cuban has said in prior interviews that he would be "proud of" his team for taking a knee or showing a sign of protest because he believes the NBA should "allow players to do what's in their heart."