Mark Cuban and the Dallas Mavericks honored retired Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo last night, allowing him to suit up in a Mavs uniform and take part in everything the players do, except get in the actual game.

As it turns out, Cuban lobbied for Romo to get some on-court time but NBA commissioner Adam Silver told him the 1-day contract would not be honored, effectively crushing the idea to have Romo play against the Nuggets.


"I told him [Silver] what I was going to do and said, 'Fine me if you don't like it,'" Cuban said.

As for the critics,

"Anybody who thinks a layup line is disrespectful, hasn't watched an NBA game," Cuban said. "We've got people shooting half-court shots at every break, we've got kids for ball boys ... We're entertainment. And if they're so self-important they can't recognize that, it's on them. Not me."

Late in the game head coach Rick Carlisle teased that he was about to let #9 check into the game, but nothing ever came of it. Still, Romo's appearance during warmups packed the house in what was otherwise going to be another meaningless game. 

Check out Cuban's post-game comments, as well as some "highlights" from Romo's Mavs debut, below.