Mark Ruffalo became a fan-favorite in the MCU for his role as The Hulk in Iron Man 3, Captain Marvel and every film in The Avengers series. Now it looks like he may be reprising his role as the iconic superhero for the upcoming Disney+ series She-Hulk, in addition to starring in HBO's upcoming television adaptation of "Best Picture"-winning film Parasite.

Mark Ruffalo talks Parasite tv show She-Hulk disney+
Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images

Ruffalo made an appearance at the C2E2 Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo (seen above) to spill a few minor details on his involvement in both projects. While he kept it a bit brief when discussing She-Hulk, saying he's only in "preliminary talks" at this point, Mark did confirm that news of his involvement in the Parasite television series is pretty accurate. "We’ve met. I love him [Bong Joon-ho], I love that movie," the Dark Waters actor said, following up adding, "I might be playing the father in Parasite on a television show. I would love to do it. We’re sort of waiting on the script and all that, but yeah, that’s pretty much true and in the works.”

Mark Ruffalo also joked about Martin Scorsese's recent comments where he deemed Marvel films as "not cinema," saying he'd make an amazing, "more dark" Marvel film. Read up more on that over at ComicBook, and let us know if you'd be down to see The Hulk and She-Hulk meet on Disney+ or if Ruffalo would make a good fit in a Parasite television adaptation down in the comments.